Meller-James & Associates Veterinary Service has always taken pride in providing 24-7 emergency service to all of our clients. The challenges of finding, hiring, and keeping mixed animal veterinarians in our practice area have become increasingly difficult lately. This has resulted in a decreased number of veterinarians providing the best care to your pets during the day as well as all night on emergency call. Reluctantly, in order for our veterinarians to continue to provide excellent care for your pets, we will continue to provide established clients large animal emergency services and small animal emergency services only until 6:00 pm. After 6:00 pm, emergencies will be referred to a fully staffed 24-hour small animal emergency clinic. If emergency service is required after hours, by calling one of our clinics, the client will be instructed how to get in touch with a doctor on call.
Meller-James & Associates Veterinary Service has two hospitals, one in Anna and one in Vienna, Illinois. We offer outpatient care, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, dentistry, X-ray services, hospitalization, and intensive care for our small animal patients. In addition, at our Anna facility, we have an isolation ward for patients with infectious diseases.
Meller-James & Associates Veterinary Service offers full services for large animals, including horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and swine. We have four fully equipped ambulatory vehicles for on-farm service for all livestock and equine veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry. Both of our clinics have livestock and equine handling equipment for our clients to haul in their patients. We offer outpatient medicine, surgery, obstetric care, and reproductive care including ultrasound for equine, bovine, and small ruminant pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination in horses, and breeding soundness examination with semen evaluation in bulls.
Meller-James & Associates Veterinary Service no longer offers regular boarding services. If pets have special medical needs they can feel free to talk with any staff member about the possibility of special medical boarding.
Services for dog behavior problems and training are offered through Pat’s Puppy Preschool and Training Center in Cobden, Illinois. Pat Anderson of Pat’s Puppy Preschool and Training Center will consult with the doctors at Meller-James regarding medical problems as the underlying cause of behavior problems, and is available to handle non-medical behavior consultation.